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Seasons Rosebush Recolors
« on: July 10, 2018, 04:44:48 PM »
I recently slaved some things to the Maxis rosebush and went looking for recolors that were Seasons compatible. I was surprised when I couldn't find any (there probably are some, but I didn't find them). Then I looked around for a template to make some. Could not find one. So thanks to Gwenke and Echo's notes and tutorials @ MTS, I made one. Then I took all the rose recolors I owned (lots!!) and made Seasons recolors. My snowy states have brown leaves and no flowers, since I've never seen green flowering rosebushes during the snowy winter.

Recolors are credited in the file names. Liz @ MTS is still creating beautiful things for Sims2, and has a generous policy allowing use of her textures for recolors. I thought that hers were Maxis recolors, but they are a separate stand-alone object that she's done lovely recolors for. I really wanted them for the Maxis roses so my repository items would pull the textures.

I'm pretty sure everyone else is no longer creating for Sims2 and was great about sharing. If I used your textures and you'd like me to apologize and take down the files, just let me know, otherwise, thank you for your wonderful work!  There are so many recolors, I suggest throwing them all in Downloads and deleting the colors you don't like in game.

Feel free to clone my template to make your own recolors if you like.


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