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Sims 2 Large Paintings - Found!


WCIF a very large painting mesh, 3 or 4 tiles wide, almost floor to ceiling?

I want to do a pic I have but don't want it as a mural, but very large. It will be the focus for a bedroom I'm doing.

I looked at the Sim Noir painting and the "Two Dogs and an Olive" one, both in game, but I can't find them in Simpe to recolor them.

So I'm looking for paintings that big. Anyone know of such?


--- Quote from: Riverwillows on July 24, 2020, 06:06:35 AM ---but I can't find them in Simpe to recolor them.

--- End quote ---

Can you find other EA paintings in SimPe but not those two? Is anything from Nightlife or GlamourLife showing up in SimPe? Maybe check their file path if not. Their internal names might help you find them: "Two Dogs and An Olive" is aka paintingnightcluboversized and "A Sim Noir" is aka paintinglargecomic.

I found 2 custom paintings that might work: here and here

I found out that Simpe is trying to find the .exe file in Double Deliuxe, but because it's Ultimate Collection, the .exe file is in the latest one, which is the Mansion and Garden under Pets. It's because Simpe is outdated, I have the latest one according to the website.

There are several things, including a few paintings, that I am not getting. Nothing I can do about it, as it is a Simpe issue, not a game issue.

I did find a large enough painting on Mod the Sims, so that's fine.

Fixed it. I had Simpe version 73, not 75. Thanks everyone tho!


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