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Sims 2 - Dresser mesh from frogger1617's Cubed Bedroom


On my old site of Paegin Sims, my then partner, frogger1617 made the Cubed Bedroom. When my site got hacked I lost a lot of things. I did manage to save her meshes except the dresser for this room. There were many recolors made on Natural Sims and our site. Does anyone by chance have the dresser mesh for this bedroom? It is the only mesh I am missing. Here is a pic of a recolor of the room, with the dresser circled.

Suze at All4Sims DID do a recolor, and that is still available but she didn't use the dresser in her set, so her download with the mesh set does not include the dresser mesh.

EDIT:  BTW, for all those who knew Frogger when we were all at Natural Sims, she has died. I do not know what of, but her husband Jess (yes, they finally got married, I was a witness to it in Arizona) looked me up and mentioned it, then we lost contact before I could ask how. Jess has remarried his partner and is now a transgendered woman. FYI.

Sorry to resurrect this, but in addition to needing her dresser mesh, I also discovered that her matching Cubed Nursery is missing too. Does anyone have these? Would sure appreciate it.

Is it in the archive of natural sims?  And have you tried finding it via the wayback machine?

Yeah, checked both. She had the meshes on my original Paegin Sims site. I thought I had everything backed up, and I mostly did, but those two sets were among the few that slipped thru. When my site got hacked (you know who did that) all those things went with it. I had all MY meshes previously backed up, AND most of Froggers. When I went to set up my site again last summer, I found those two sets missing. So, trying to save Frogger's legacy, and because they are cute and I want to recolor them, I am trying to find them. They have been recolored, but no meshes included. I have most of the bedroom, except the dresser, and none of the Nursery. Thus, my search.


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