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Correct master for Frances Louisiana Armoire1x1?


Hi there! I am trying to clean up all the GUID duplicates/conflicts in my game and I have come across one I am unsure about.

I have these two files which have the same three GUIDs:
- Frances_Armoire1x1_SetLouisiana-remapped.package
- 0MASTER_Louisiana_Frances_Armoire1x1.package

...but I can´t figure out which one I should be keeping since the files I have both say they are from February 2012 (just some days apart).

I know that the one ending in "remapped" is found in the file for "Find SDA Louisiana original meshes here" on this website, under hokadk47´s downloads, but then the one titled 0MASTER seems like more of a cleaned-up file name by someone who was organizing all this stuff?

If anyone knows either which one to keep or where I can get a super definitive most-recent most-fixed file, that would be great!


THIS is my "cleaned-up, most fixed" version of the Armoire file. I rename everything and quarter-tile enable, etc.

Thanks! I´ll go with that one since I am happy to stay up to date with the items you use!


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