Author Topic: TS3 conversion Federal armchair / dining chair slaved to JonesiBB and AFsolids  (Read 11897 times)

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Just a little something.......Amythestfenix requested a version of the Federal armchair with a seat pillow. I also love that chair, so I have created dining chair versions as well.

  • armchair slaved to JonesiBB
  • armchair slaved to AFsolids
  • diningchair slaved to JonesiBB
  • diningchair slaved to AFsolids


Enjoy, Helle
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So excellent! Just what I wanted  :wub

Is there a download link I'm missing?
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Sorry :blush

Everything was in the description except from 2 letters DL.


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 :love This is fantastic....I love it..Hugs Donna

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 :blowkiss Oh, yes, this is awesome! Thank you!
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Adorable, Helle! :love Thank you so much!

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Glad youlike them too :love

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Hi, love the chairs but there seems to be something missing, it's blue like it's missing the mesh  ?

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As you can see on the file names those are all repoed (slaved) objects and they are using the same Meshes as I use for a lot of my other objects.

- All of them need SPX Katie Jaynes bed1 for the wicker - here
You will also need the AFSolids master (lamp) for the AFSolid version - here
and Jonesis Bed Blanket for the "striped" version - here

Hope it makes sense.

Kind regards, Helle


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Wow, thank you so much for the quick answer ! I have downloaded your suggested files  but the wicker is still not showing though. I have repeated that download but still no result. It shows a different material than wicker, it's more like wood ?
Anyway, I can use that nice chair now  :thumbup:

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Oh - you will need some recols as well to get the exact same look.

Follow the link to my grab bag with more than 30 recols - link

Sorry, I was only focused on the meshes.

Kind regards, Helle


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