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Fixing Lucas Easy Bedding Texture Creator

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So with the new version of Windows, both Vista and W7, this no longer works.  It is missing a file that was part of, I think Visual Studio 6 but is no longer included in the new versions of the OS.  I had searched out this file long ago and I remember posting it at PMBD.  I noticed a thread at BPS about this so I thought I would dig out my file.

Here is the file needed:

Place in Windows/Sysem32 folder then register it.

Go to Start/Accessories/Right Click Command Prompt and Run as Administrator.  Command prompt will open to the Windows/System32 folder when run as Admin.  Type regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx. 

I did have to run Lucas' Bedding program once as Administrator first, then after that it opens up fine.

Note:  For anyone who can work their way through DOS and command prompt, you can also put that ocx file in the Lucas' Bedding folder, you just need to run the regsvr32 command from that folder.  So you have to be able to navigate the folder structure in DOS.

All those nice new systems..... :reaction

Lunie, would you check the HomeCrafter as well ? I still can't get it work - I have tried your advises from my last reguest, but nothing happens. It won't even start the program.

Kind regards, Helle

I just installed HCP on my computer, and all I did was install and replace the exe file with the one in the thread.  I didn't have to delete anything because I haven't had it installed since my new OS.  And it did start. 

However, it did take roughly 15 minutes for it to finally load.  o.O  Because it needs to load all walls/floors from all your EP's plus your downloads folder.  Open task manager and then start it, you will see TS2HomecrafterPlus.exe *32 there. 

I also tested starting it a few more times, and it seems as though the caches need to be deleted occasionally.  No idea why but it game me the red x application has terminated message.


--- Quote from: HugeLunatic on March 29, 2010, 01:48:32 AM ---Place in Windows/Sysem32 folder then register it.

--- End quote ---

Forgive what might be a silly question, but how do I register it? Or is that what the next bit of instructions are for?

Yea that is the next bit, the regsvr command.  This is only registering that for your OS.


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