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Fixing Arches and Doors for Apartments


We've found out that some custom arches and doors don't work well in apartments, depending on which Maxis mesh was cloned. Some functions just go missing in SimPe, and itsdiamondeyesuniverse figured out how to fix any door or arch after I managed to fix one or two. With thanks and credit to itsdiamondeyesuniverse, I'm sharing it here.

Here's a simple how-to, you'll need:
- SimPe
- the extracted resources in UpdatingArchesToWorkInApartments
- a door or arch that doesn't work in an apartment (I'm using Door_3_C from Veranka's Thorpe Build Set for the example below.)

1. Open the file in SimPe and select the Object Functions (OBJf) in the Resource Tree.
2. In the Resource List, sort by Instance
3. Right-click the first one (0x00041A7) to Replace...
Navigate to where you've opened the UpdatingArchesToWorkInApartments archive and select ObjFunctions - Instance 41a7.

After you click Open, the Resource Changed window opens asking if SimPe should reload it. Click Yes.

Replace the rest of the OBJfs with the extracted resources by corresponding instance.
Save. Check it out in game.
ObjFunctions - Instance 41B2 and ObjFunctions - Instance 41B3 are rarely used, they are for 3-tile arches and doors.


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