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Cats In the Cradle and A Silver Spoon
« on: March 08, 2013, 01:35:12 AM »
Some of you may have noticed I'm sharing a few recolours at the moment. I created a 2013 version of the Charmed Manor and the recolours I am sharing are a part of that particular touch of Simming madness. I've a few couches and a few lamps to share, before I will share the lot. But, that will take a bit of time. Meanwhile, I will share this with you...

Cats in The Cradle And A Silver Spoon

Note: The wooden cradle used in the above image is not included. It was created by Thunderwitch @ Blackys Sims Zoo and can be found HERE.


Meet Tom. He is a small wooden cat from the Garden of Khakidoo. But, TomCat feels that 1 is definitely the most lonely number.

He dreams of a diverse world filled with splendid colours and exotic textures. So, his deepest passion has been divinely granted. Presenting...

Khakidoo's Small Wooden Cat Statue in 36 Glorious Colours!








Thunderwitch's Black Cat Statue in 12 Captivating Colours!



Khakidoo's Wooden Spoon and Fork Wall Hangings in 6 Vibrant Colours!



Khakidoo Small Wooden Cat BOX Downloads

Alternative MediaFire Download for Khakidoo's Small Wooden Cat


Thunderwitch Black Cat Statue BOX Downloads

Alternative MediaFire Download for Thunderwitch's Black Cat Statue REC

Khakidoo Wooden Fork and Spoon REC - BOX Downloads

Alternative MediaFire Download for Khakidoo's Wooden Fork and Spoon REC


* This post contains recolours of Khakidoo's Small Wooden Cat Statue and Wooden Fork & Spoon Wall Hangings, as well as Thunderwitch's Black Cat Statue. The Small Wooden Cat Statue can be found HERE @ MTS - Khakidoo's "Cats & Grass" Thread and the Spoon and Fork can be found HERE. Thunderwitch's Black Cat Statue can be found HERE @ Blacky's Sims Zoo. The "KhakidooWoodenCat.package" MESH, the "forkonawallkhakidoo.package" MESH and the "spoononwallkhakidoo.package" MESH, as well as the "Mesh_Zoo_thunder_SkBlackCat.package"  are ALL included as permitted by policy.

*Please note that I made the Spoon and Fork wall hanging meshes recolourable. I did not alter the orginal files in any other way and I "did NOT" change the file name or GUID. Please allow the meshes in these downloads to override any others you may have for the recolours to show properly.

* A Recolour Image, Colour Sample Image and/or Colour Palette Images are included in the zips for your convenience.

* The textures used in this collection are mainly remasters of a few textures. The majority of the textures were taken from in-game samples from Sims 2. However, I also created samples using Marieke's (@ PBK) Crackled Wood texture and other "stephaniafied" patterns. :)

* All recolours have been compressed.

* POLICY: Opened sharing and usage of my textures, recolours, objects and lots is encouraged. I ask only that original credit for what I create and share is honoured. Please don't claim my creations as your own.


Special thank you to Khakidoo and Thunderwitch for the meshes used.

Also, thank you to Marieke (for the use of her Cracked Wood Texture) and to Sophie-David for liberating me fully into the world of recolour madness.


About the "Cats In the Cradle" Reference
"Cats in the Cradle" is a song written by Sandra and Harry Chapin. It was performed by Harry Chapin in 1973. The song is about the relationship between a father and son.  As a result of the father not finding time for his son, the son returns this behaviour when the aged father seeks to spend time with him. In reference to the "Cats In the Cradle" and the "Silver Spoon", "Little Boy Blue" and the "Man on the Moon" ... These things are symbols connected to the dream world of childhood and made poignant by the contrast of the reality of work taking precedence over all else. But does it "have to" be that way?  In essence, the song serves as a reminder not to take familial relationships for granted and to make time for those who are important to us.

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Re: Cats In the Cradle and A Silver Spoon
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2013, 03:24:10 AM »
You've been busy! I didn't know about the cute black cat statue but it's nice to see Khakidoo's pieces in some new colors ;)

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Re: Cats In the Cradle and A Silver Spoon
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2013, 03:14:43 AM »
Very busy indeed, Shasta! Cats are an aquired thing! Much of the recolours are a necessity to get a specific look. These are not what I call "Oo, I really want that!" items.  :blush But, for me they were definitely, "Shoot, I really need that items!"  tehehe

Back to the sofa recolours! BAH! :))


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