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Previous Discussion from N99: Part 3
« on: March 17, 2013, 04:06:50 PM »
Continued from Part 2:

Yeah - I wouldn't be using any of their tonal qualities - just the basic colour groups from a consistency point of view - and (i.e. i'm still up for asparagus as our 3, rather than trying to match their bluebased-greens). I have each of them as separate swatches - and I was way too lazy last night to make them into a image.

I like your choices - and I vote that we go with them.

It doesn't surprise me AT ALL that your palette has very little over-lap with theirs - after all, your palette are gorgeous colours all of them. Theirs.... well to be honest even with using the collections to group colours and sets together, I'm still struck by how much I don't want to use their colours!

That's part of the reason why I don't want to use their palette as anything but a very general guide to ensure that all the colour wheel is attended to.

I think from a palette for fabrics - that asparagus will be much more useful than aspen, spruce, or pine for most folks. And as we're going to get a few greens in the bg set for the paints, that we can use aspen, spruce or pine for the later greens. Also asparagus is going into the BG default anyways.

twilight, inkwash, asparagus, cardinal, toffee, and burntalmond, thistle, pumpkin, snow,lemonade, eglantine, marina, ink, oyster, rootbeer.

We're not intending to match all the fabrics  in seating and etc, with all the walls are we? That's going to be a lot of non-default files for you to do?

edit. I've pm-ed Michelle to ask her for permission.
another edit. I've updated my front page at Simthing to let people know and point them to Sims2Artist.

An Even further edit: Got a reply from Michelle:
She's honoured to have us use her recolours, and is also happy to send us her textures, templates and overlays. I've offered to give her access to my server to upload them. Then I will stick them as links in the resources in the project folder.

She's also happy to help out in creating the recolours as well - I don't think she's a member of N99 - so is there somewhere over at S2A that we could have the discussions, or should we convince her to join N99 :)
First, I'd be thrilled to have Michelle join us and add her expertise to the team! I've started a thread called project discussion over at S2A for us to use (although if Michelle wants to join N99, we can keep it here- I'm super happy to be involved in this and am willing to hang out wherever). Do you mind if I copy our previous discussion posts over there so the whole conversation is available?

I'm glad you aren't eager to use EA's colors; I find I don't really like their paint choices at all. My favorite painted walls, which I find I use all the time, are by shastakiss and have a solid and tone-on tone patterns. I'm pretty sure she might give permission to use them for the project and I'd love to have them in coordinating colors-not necessarily matching by shade, but possibly lighter or darker, maybe with more maxis-white moldings. I love beadboard, and would really love to have plate rail height (the  height of shasta's, only I'd actually prefer a maxis-match beadboard) versions as well as the chair rail height wainscoting. My favorite carpets are by Sesame, and I have permission to use her textures so I'd love to have them expanded into coordinating colors as well.

I am planning to do all the fabrics and woods for objects as stand-alone recolors to cover at least the basic 15 colors and 9 woods, so that it will be possible to color-match all the defaults throughout the game.
Absolutely love you to copy our discussions over there!

Did I mention that Shasta gave me permission to use her mouldings for the defaults already? It's actually on that that thread that you linked too. I've written to her for permission with the tone on tone patterns. (I also mentioned that we were uploading the templates as well).

I've asked Spacedoll about her templates.

Beadboard is lovely - I've already done the plate-rail height beadboard? So that's no problem at all.

Ooo some good textures for carpet sounds great!



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