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GIMP Tutorial: Replacing Text with Simlish
« on: May 09, 2017, 06:37:41 PM »
A tumblr friend asked how I add Simlish to an image - I hope this is helpful.

I chose this painting by Jay Fleck, I think its proportions will fit the Nightlife Pineapple poster. Since the poster uses a 512 pixel tall texture, I scaled my image first:
Toolbar > Image > Scale Image... Height: 512
To match the orange text, I used the eyedropper tool (shortcut o) on the werewolf
Add a new layer (shift-ctrl-n) - name it whatever you like, I named mine simlish

shortcut t opens the fonts in your Tool Options, hopefully you've already downloaded some Simlish fonts. I'm going to use ajaysim's Simlish Sans Light for this.
GIMP's text tool options are pretty Word-Processor intuitive, I selected Right justified to start.

I ended up with 52 font size and adjusted the kerning to 1.7 but I need much taller letters! ctrl-c the floating text layer, select the simlish layer and ctrl-v. Untick the eye on the text layer so you can see what you're doing

With the pasted text still floating on the simlish layer, toolbar > Layer > Scale Layer...

Click on the chain to unlink it so you can increase the height without increasing the width. (I ended up scaling it to Height: 450 but that's just this particular simlish font with this particular image.)

I moved stuff around a little and pasted the tall letters onto my simlish layer.

Not necessary but I copied the orange simlish text and pasted it onto a new layer directly underneath. I switched this lower layer from orange to white, I think/hope it adds just a little visual pop to have some white peeking out.

Select your original image (bottom layer) and eyedrop tool (shortcut o) the background color. I usually just choose a big brush size and paint over the original image's text. If the original image has a patterned background I copy a section of the pattern and paste it over the original text.

It's a little blurry since I stretched it so much vertically, I'd probably fiddle with it some more if I was going to actually make this into a poster, a combination of hand-painting and the sharpen tool (Toolbar > Filters > Enhance > Sharpen...).

Please let me know if anything is unclear. I'm very happy to try and answer questions here or at my simblr :)
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