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UltraModern Collection
« on: April 18, 2017, 05:57:16 pm »
Why do I like to work on sets I hardly ever use? :blush I only did about six colors of everything, I thought they might mix-and-match with the groovy collection.

download bg ultramodern defaults

download bg ultramodern rcs

There are also six rcs of maxoidmonkey's "You have the conn" Nikko Lounge Chair. I edited the mesh (Pets version) so the base is less shiny.
download ChairLivingSpace

recommended UltraModern add-ons:
HugeLunatic's no-canopy Slim System bed override
Lin's C. Lee Funkensnooz single bed
MsBarrow's Candy Coated completer set
MsBarrow's Glassic dining chair
SnarkyShark's Seatris Squared (originally uploaded here but the links no longer work)
   I don't have the bed or chair but I uploaded the tables (seen above) here
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