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3t2 Showtime Sweet Set
« on: August 27, 2019, 10:07:14 PM »
Self-indulgent set! These stage props are so niche-y and only one (ONE!) thing hasn't already been converted. I just wanted shadows, correct catalog descriptions/prices, and some new colors. Some meshes have their recolors included in the file because I was learning how. Did I mention this was a self-indulgent set? Because I also recycled other creator's GUIDs since the SimPe site is down. I've included a ReadMe that lists all those files so you can remove them from your game if you download these.

Sugar Shack Stage Props

sht_sweet_benchpretzel  1968
sht_sweet_backdropicecreamparlor  558  music/dance ++
sht_sweet_stageicecream  988  cuisine ++
sht_sweet_stagesundae  919  cuisine ++

sht_sweet_chairdiningpancake  910
sht_sweet_backdropbigfoodA  489  music/dance ++
sht_sweet_tblendgumdrop  384
sht_sweet_chairlivinggummibear  940

sht_sweet_stagecupcaketower  998  cuisine ++
sht_sweet_sofaribboncandy  1780
sht_sweet_tblcoffeeeclair  982
sht_sweet_backdropbigfoodB  418  music/dance ++

Showtime: Katy Perry Collector's Edition

sht_sweetCE_stagewatermelon  916  nature ++
sht_sweetCE_stereocloud  1872
sht_sweetCE_stagecherries  1736  nature ++
sht_sweetCE_stagebanana  1206  nature ++
The stereo has a animated loop (yay) and a not-so-neon neon frame (boo).
I didn't convert the CE's Dream Guitar because it was nothing special (unless fish-belly color is special) but I'm working on the 6 String Cupcake Surprise from Sweet Treats.

Most things have a few recolors and everything should be base-game.


Sweet Tooth Part II is here.

Please let me know if anything is wrong, I really want to fix it if I can.
Thanks and credit to boblishman for their animated painting and HafiseAzale for the 4x1 footprint I used for the backdrops. Thanks also to Hafi, amovitam, and JenniSims for the GUIDs.

edit Sept 2021: There's a tabletop milkshake add-on and a toddler Gummi Bear Chair add-on here
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Re: 3t2 Showtime Sweet Set
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2019, 11:29:56 AM »
This is such a cute set! I always enjoy your really great preview pics as well  :love

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Re: 3t2 Showtime Sweet Set
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2019, 11:42:05 PM »
That dancing GIF totally sells the whole thing...super cute.  I already have a few of these items, and really appreciate your updates (and added recolors) to them.  Thank you!  :blowkiss
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Re: 3t2 Showtime Sweet Set
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2019, 05:28:15 PM »
Kate, thank you for your kind comments  :wub

Thank you, Pen!  :wub  I'm trying to imagine how you might be using some of these in your game? I'm also trying to imagine how I might be using some of these in my game ha!


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