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Title: Current Permissions -
Post by: celebkiriedhel on March 18, 2013, 12:11:56 AM
Spacedoll has given us permission to use her templates as a base and upload them here as resources with credit to her.

Yes. YES!
Maxis-match, ceiling compatible defaults were my secret wish when I posted the AL overlays. I'm so glad y'all are doing this! Will you be keeping the Maxis textures for the wallpaper and paint, etc.? :D

Shastakiss has given us permission to use her molding and templates for walls and solid and tone-on-tone patterns and has also come to join us! :D

I'm very excited about your defaulting project, add me to the list of volunteers if you think of something I can do!

Here are the patterns I used for the tone-on-tone walls if they might be handy, feel free to add them to the template resource if you think anyone might be interested. Most of them were before I knew about pattern squashing THANKS TO YOU *winks* so you're welcome to tile them into 768 height if you want. I'm okay with the stretched ones so I didn't do it myself.

Michelle has given us permission to use textures and recolours of AL woods, and has offered to help as well. :)

I would be honoured to have you and Amy use my recolours and even supply the textures if you want them. I have templates and overlays for just about everything I have recoloured as well, if you need any. Lee tried to get me to unload them here when I first came to Leefish...still haven't got around to uploading them.

If you and Amy would like a hand with any recolours please don't hesitate to ask, I'm more than willing to help.

(Don't blame Michelle - I was the one that called Kate, Amy)

Bibi has given me permission to use the Wedding Cake Sidings as I please

Of course it's okay. Use them as you wish.

(Just looking for the Holy Simoly permission for the walls...) Will replace this message when I do.