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In our current Sims2 community, it seems that it's really difficult to keep up with where meshes are posted. This leads to having to constantly replace a lot of broken links. This is very frustrating and takes a lot of time and energy away from creating. Sometimes the site has disappeared, hackings occur, or I don't find out about a broken link for months. I've decided to simply post a folder of meshes I use here.

I am not trying to take away anything from other creators, merely to make sure their work is not lost in any unforeseen circumstance. I will, of course, continue to give credits (and links, if possible) to the original creators and their sites. There are other treasures to be found at those sites as well, and not all downloaders have visited everywhere  :flowers

I do recolor other meshes for my coordinate sets from time to time, so be sure to check the set mesh listing to make sure you got them all.

These meshes are for deco items like pillows, blankets, curtains only, there are no furniture meshes in this folder!

Currently there are 3 different downloads in the folder: 01AmFCoordinateMeshesReallyShouldHave-VERYBIG, 02AmFCoordinateMeshesMostCommon-HUGE, and 03AmFCoordinateMeshesALL-IMMENSE. The first one (01) will have all the basics. The second (02) has everything from 01 plus the items I also use a lot. The third (03) has all the deco meshes I've ever recolored including everything that's in 01 or 02.

List of included meshes by folder:


02 MOST COMMON (includes all SHOULD HAVE meshes):

03 ALL (includes everything as of Oct2019):

Standard Disclaimer- PLEASE READ:
These meshes will be included for your convenience because so many sites are gone or vanish without warning. It's not intended to infringe on creator's rights in any way! I will link to the original creator's site and the original mesh if it is available and I know where it is!

These meshes are my working copies and they have probably been changed in some way! These recolors should work with the original meshes if you have them.

I change all filenames, so they won't overwrite and so I know how I revised the original. My standard changes are: TXMT (I like less shine and want all items of a type to match) and I usually enable transparency, make quarter-tile enabled, re-categorize, possibly price change or add shiftability, and change catalog description so the creator's name and item name are visible in game.

If you are a creator who is unhappy with this, please let me know and I will not post your meshes!


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