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Hi, I did this filling a request by Sheila. I slaved SunniSims bed skirts and canopy to the Simply Elegant curtains by Holy Simoly. The canopy has an added subset to color its rod and curtain hooks. I also added a single version of the canopy. First some pics....

The Set...

The single canopy...

Close up of the rod...

Jan 18-I have fixed the height of the canopies. You can see the fixed height in the thread with the Irish Beds.
I gave these unique guides so you can have these in the game with the originals if you wish.
Download Here:

You NEED the Simply Elegant curtain mesh for this to work. Get it here:
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Re: For Sheila, Slaved Bedroom Accessories...
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Thanks so much for doing this and sharing it with us! Now I have to sort out what I can get rid of... :S

*I went in to game to play with these and they are lovely. However, the canopies are quite a lot shorter than the original, so many of the beds I'd like to use them with don't work as well. Because I really, really like these, would it be possible to get versions that are as tall as the original? (I've put this note on both posts, because I wanted to make sure you saw it  :) )
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Re: For Sheila, Slaved Bedroom Accessories...
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I am sooo sorry. I was having size issues, I don't know how a mesh can be exported, remapped, and imported and somehow shrink. The first one I did was the size of a cat bed.. :curse I got that part sorted out but never thought about the height. I will fix it tonight and reupload. Thanks for letting me know. Jo

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Re: For Sheila, Slaved Bedroom Accessories...
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 tehehe  I need to know how this shrinking things works, my treadmill isn't working out very well!

Either way, lovely!  And thanks so much for doing them. :)

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Well hello jodavis :welcome2
I love how creations like this help justify having so many recolors, it's like my downloads folder is multi-tasking :rolleyes:
Thank you!


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 :OMG  Why, THANK YOU! I have been out of town and didn't see this until just now when I came to explore...
I am very happy that you did this for little ol me... :wub
I will be forever greatful.
Warmest Regards,


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