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While trying to get the height right on the canopies I thought I might as well do something with the irish bed that was made for the canopy. So I slaved it to the Champagne set. No sense choosing a new master when this one has been working so well for Helle, AND its better for our downloads folder too!! I also made a single bed to complete the set. So here are the pics....

First, basic shots of the frames of the bed...

Next, some more done up pics showing the possibilities...

Now you MUST have this file to make these work Campagne Dresser Chambre - get the mesh here:
The beds have unique guides so they can be in your downloads file with the originals if you wish.

Download here

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This is amazing -- however the curtains aren't tall enough for the bed. Or did I miss an update?


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I am glad you like them. :wub

You did miss an update, so if you haven't already redownload the canopies.

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Great job! Thank you very much! :blowkiss


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