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Holy Simoly Arizona Add-ons & Slaves


Gayle made these excellent add-on pieces for Holy Simoly's Arizona Lounge set, and they seem to have gotten lost somehow. I'm reposting them so they will be available again. The folder contains all the Arizona slave set I have, including HugeLunatic's great slaved meshes from here and matching table from here for the sake of convenience.

Gayle's pieces include:
2 Holy Simoly Orion Lamp sets (one slaved to desk1, one slaved to desk chair)
2 Holy Simoly Wall of Memories picture shelves (both slaved to desk1-one with picture frames slaved to desk1, one with frames recolorable separately)
TV, stereo (marked AL, I don't have a BG version), 1 tile wall shelf, 2 tile wall shelf - all slaved to desk 1
blinds, dining chair - slaved to desk chair, blinds are not shown in pic



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