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Note: Sim's feet do clip throung the legs of the round table (because I didn't want to change the design of it...changing it would have looked wrong)....

*I will be adding to this*

Chair Poly Count: 229

Chair Recolours:

*Updated 2nd July 2009* Round Table Poly Count: 378

Square Table Poly Count: 302

Rectangular Table Poly Count: 302

2x2 Round Table Poly Count: 184

EP Requirements: All Basegame (apart from Pets Version obviously)

*Updated 2nd July 2009* Download Round Table:
Download Chair:
Download Chair Recolours:
Download Square Table:
Download Rectangular Table:
Download 2x2 Round Table:


Chair Pets Version:

They look fantastic yagami  :yes :love

very very nice indeed! Love the unusual design. :thumbup

WOOT!!!  I am so gonna have to go back into the game so I can look at the house thinks I need to make it....

They wouldn't look out of place in an Olde English Pub! lol I think they are great, thanks! :blowkiss


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