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*I will be adding to this*

Flower Jug Poly Count: 506

Crate Pile Poly Count: 266

Barrel Poly Count: 78

Rugs require Anne's 2x3 Versatile Rug mesh (HERE)

Rug require Anne's 3x3 Versatile Rug mesh (HERE)

EP Requirements: All Basegame

Flower Jug Download:
Crate Pile Download:
Barrel Download:
Rugs Download:
Round Rugs Download:

snagged....I'm just going to wait patiently for it all before I start building my fable house :))  though I so want to start smashing crates for some reason....

edit to add:  FYI...your crate and your barrel download files are the same you are missing the crate mediafire has just now decided to be an ass and timeout....

They look cool Yagami

I fixed the link Di...thanks for noticing that....I just do things with my eyes closed most of the time.....

Ah! These are awesome! You're great! :clap


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