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Using the IKEA Grevsta table, I'm making the top/surface separately recolorable from the base/legs using SimPE and Milkshape.
On a scale from 1 (Beginner) to 10 (Expert), to me these kind of CEP-Extras are about a 7 because they vary a lot with unexpected head-scratchers.

DL the Vika Grevsta CEP-Extra files

First, create a WIP folder (mine is named GREVSTA and it's in my Downloads folder).
In SimPE's Object Workshop:
select Table - Dining - Vika Grevsta and click Next
Task: Clone and untick all the boxes, click Start

So many resources! For this CEP-Extra, we only need five.
Select the following resources from the Resource Tree and then right-click Extract... in the ResourceList for each:
GMDC, GMND, SHPE, the black TXMT and black MMAT.
(The table's default design choice is the black top, so the white resources aren't necessary.)

Don't know which design choice is the default?

Look for the MMAT that says defaultmaterial (dtBoolean): True

Your folder should look like this

Reading the suffixes: .5gn is the GMND, .5tm is the TXMT, .5gd is the GMDC, and .5sh is the SHPE
And by process of elimination: .simpe is the MMAT

PART I: Goes in Documents
Toolbar > File > New
Right-click in the new file's ResourceList Add... and shift-click to add everything but the .simpe (MMAT) resource

Toolbar > File > Save As...
I've named it shasta_CEP_ikea_tblgrevsta_Documents

1. Select the GMDC (tableDiningVikaGrevsta_root_trans_gmdc)

In Plugin View, frame is already ticked. The shadows don't need editing so they remain unticked. Click Export...
Save as type: Maya Object Exporter by Delphy (*.obj)
~ Editing the mesh in Milkshape or Blender is someone else's tutorial ~

Since Maxis has two color choices for the table's surface (black and white) but only birch for the base, the surface subset will keep the original name frame. I've named the new second subset legs.

Import... the edited mesh
In the pop-up Mesh Group Importer window
select legs - Action: Add
select frame - Action: Replace
Click OK

Reassuringly, the legs and frame together have the same VertexCounts as the original frame
Click fix TGI, then click Commit

2. Select the GMND (tableDiningVikaGrevsta_root_trans_gmnd)
Under the Content tab: select 0x4: tsDesignModeEnabled (cDataListExtension)
(the number won't always be 0x4)
keep Array from the drop-down list and click add
select the new entry in the Items box (frame is already there) and Name: legs

Click fix TGI, then click Commit
If fix TGI  is greyed out, just click Commit. You can fix TGI  later if you're troubleshooting.

3. Select the TXMT (tablediningvikagrevsta_frame_black_txmt)
Change frame in the filename to tablediningvikagrevsta_legs_black_txmt
Under the cMaterialDefinition tab, change frame in the Description: tablediningvikagrevsta_legs_black_txmt

Click fix TGI, then click Commit

4. Select the SHPE (tableDiningVikaGrevsta_root_trans_shpe)
In the Parts tab, select frame: tablediningvikagrevsta_frame_black and click add
Select the duplicate you just created and change frame in the Subset Name: legs
Change frame in the Material Definition File: tablediningvikagrevsta_legs_black

Click fix TGI, then click Commit

ctrl-s to Save

PART II: Goes in Program Files
Toolbar > File > New
Right-click in the new file's ResourceList Add... and add the .simpe (MMAT) resource
Toolbar > File > Save As...
I've named it shasta_CEP_ikea_tblgrevsta_ProgramFiles

in Plugin View
1. select name and change frame to Value: tablediningvikagrevsta_legs_black
2. select subsetName and change frame to Value: legs
3. select family and assign a new value
Toolbar > Tools > Object Tools > Hash Generator

In the Hash Generator window, click GUID and copy the Hash Value, click the X to close
Back in Plugin View, highlight the Value string and paste the new value
Click Commit

ctrl-s to Save

PART III Check Your Work
Close SimPE and add the new files:
shasta_CEP_ikea_tblgrevsta_Documents goes in
C:\Users\<username>\Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\zCEP-EXTRA
shasta_CEP_ikea_tblgrevsta_ProgramFiles goes in
Disks C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Catalog\zCEP-EXTRA
~ or ~
UC C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Double Deluxe\Base\TSData\Res\Catalog\zCEP-EXTRA

1. Re-open SimPE and recolor the object
Does the Subset Selection window have both subsets?

2. Open your game, enter a lot, and buy the object
Are there two subsets in the catalog window? Is anything flashing blue? Both subsets are default selected right-out-of-the-catalog? Are all the expected maxis design choices there?


PART IV Troubleshooting
Things to try when it's just not working
1. Open the ..._Documents file to fix TGI and Commit on all resources
And/or Toolbar > Tools > Object Tools > Fix Integrity and click OK (it's not necessary to click Update)
2. Open the ..._ProgramFiles file and change the MMAT's Instance (especially if it's 0x00005000, 0x00005001, or 0x00005002)
Toolbar > Tools > Object Tools > Hash Generator
In the Hash Generator window, copy the Hash Value, click the X to close
Open the Resource Tab, highlight the Instance's number and paste the new value

force commit
3. DO NOT Fix Integrity for the MMAT!
4. Ask for help! Sometimes you just need a pair of fresh eyes to see what you've missed

Many thanks and credit to HugeLunatic and NixedSims for their kind help.
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