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Title: Sweetswami77 Roman Shades
Post by: amythestfenix on March 05, 2010, 01:08:38 AM
I've been looking for a long time for a mesh like this one, and I couldn't believe my luck when it was posted by sweetswami77 ( on MTS2 in her great Homey Touches set!

So, here we have the 1 and 2-tile shades to match my bedding defaults (and they'll also match the chenille colors at Piggi's Sims and the sets at Sims Gedoehns as well).

Meshes included in zip: SweetswamiShadesMeshesPiggi (colors- last row of pic) thanks to the generous policy of the creator! SweetswamiShadesPiggiAF has colors in middle row (doesn't include carnation, I accidentally put it in both rows in pics) and SweetswamiShadesTolli has colors from the top row. I gave the Piggi colors names because I had trouble remembering which number was which. Delete any colors you don't want!


DL (