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Title: BV - Tropix Build Add-ons
Post by: HugeLunatic on June 12, 2014, 02:28:36 AM

This took far longer than it should have, and I'm sure shasta thought I gave up on it.   :blush

As requested by the lovely shastakiss, more build stuff to go with the Tropix build set from BV.  The game only had one window,  a couple of fences and a gate.  Rather useless


Double Privacy Door
Single Privacy Door
Single Arch
Double Door
Double Arch
Lowered Window
Vertical Window
Vertical Short Window
Single Gate
Short Fence in Four Colors
Shortie Fence in Four Colors
Stair Railings


( ( ( ( ( (

( ( ( ( ( (

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All of this is slaved to the Gate and Window from Bon Voyage, except the fences!!

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Title: Re: BV - Tropix Build Add-ons
Post by: shastakiss on June 12, 2014, 05:38:25 AM
 :omg Remember when Oprah gave her audience a new car?  :omg
It's kinda like that! Except even better!

Dearest Lunie!! I am completely undone by how many gorgeous things you managed to make out of one window!?! And I absolutely adore every single one of them!!! I'm already noticing the taller column that actually holds up a roof! And your solution to the solid doors is really really gorgeous! And more mind-blowing is the stairs, I didn't even realize how the diagonals on the original fence wouldn't work skewed so your brain is, once again, full of smart (totally loving how you left the pineapple-y finial thing too and how you can mix and match the railings with the original fence and the new one eeee)! What a fantastic idea! Both one-tile windows are so cute and their proportions are so versatile and of course you figured out how to rotate the little leafy diamond center!

I LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING in the set. I knew you were working on it, I didn't think you forgot about it! In fact, it only enhanced my stalking skills - I visited here and MTS pretty much every day, lurking and looking! Twiiki Island and pirate neighborhoods and beach lots everywhere are rejoicing today! Thank you very much, talented and smart and creative and generous friend!
Title: Re: BV - Tropix Build Add-ons
Post by: hokadk47 on June 12, 2014, 02:22:44 PM
 :perfect10 :love :thumbup :likeit

So very useful, thank you so much.
Title: Re: BV - Tropix Build Add-ons
Post by: Gwenke on June 12, 2014, 09:20:52 PM
This is lovely, thank you! Very useful for those vacation lots.
Title: Re: BV - Tropix Build Add-ons
Post by: amythestfenix on June 16, 2014, 01:57:28 PM
I'm finally back and there are soooo many great things I've missed! This is a fabulous set! It makes me want to build something just to use it  :wub Shasta already said all of the wonderful things about the set better than I ever could, so re-read Shasta's post and pretend I said it first!

Thank you, too, Shasta, for requesting this so that the BV set is finally functional  :love