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Title: Cake display by Leefish - fixed
Post by: hokadk47 on December 27, 2019, 07:05:55 PM
Another small fix for my restaurant project....

I found this lovely cake display by Leefish - perfect for my restaurant project, but I experienced some small issues
- metal part was not slaved correctly to the maxis Decra Chill
- only 3 slots per shelf, so it looked too empty for my purpose

Slaving is now fixed, so surface and metal are slaved separately to the maxis mesh
and I added 8 more slots, so now there is 5 slots on each shelf instead of 3.

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My fixed version have the same GUID and the same name as the original one, so it will just overwrite.
Please don't download, if you for some reason want to keep the 3-slots-per-shelf version.

 DL (

Thanks to Leefish for creating a wonderful mesh.

Enjoy, Helle