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Kitchens & Dining Rooms / Seasons Bistro Set
« Last post by shastakiss on Today at 02:37:12 pm »

Adding shasta_CEP_ssns_bistrotablechair to your zCEP-EXTRA folder (in Documents) means any recolors you have for the tabletop will also recolor the chair seat. The frames are still separate though, so it's not as download-folder-size-reducing as I'd like, phooey mapping. I also recolored the sun, its face is a little creepy but I use it all the time :)

Build Sets / M&G-matching deck set
« Last post by shastakiss on Today at 02:24:04 pm »

I like the white texture of the m&g vector fence, especially for front porches so I used it on all these front porch things. And then I did the light, medium and dark wood too since I like sets.

base game value column
Numenor's modular steps (mesh included)
HugeLunatic's no-post wooden fence (requires any ep)
HugeLunatic's wooden gate (base-game? mesh included)

HugeLunatic's 2-tile gate mesh, it'll pick up the 1-tile gate's recolors
HugeLunatic's vector column fences for bg

box - mediafire
Bedrooms & Nurseries / Spring and Tiny Spring
« Last post by shastakiss on Today at 02:09:46 pm »

Seven wallpapers (§6) and the painting rcs require NL and OFB. And I'm officially getting worse at lighting for previews! Yay me.

box - mediafire

Tiny Spring

A friend asked about some of the patterns and paintings from the spring nursery, so I did a few more by the same artists. Two of the paintings require FreeTime and the simlish one says "make cape... wear cape... fly"

box - mediafire

didilysquat is a peach  :blowkiss  I've included the meshes, as far as I know, they're the most fixed versions. I know the rug is HugeLunatic's off-grid-able fix and I'm pretty sure the bookcase is updated for Freetime. The store sets were really broken so thanks to all the fixers at MATY. I slaved the loveseat to the sofa and changed its file name so please remove any older loveseat meshes if you want these recolors to show.
Not everything is pictured, I added bookcase recolors in missing dark and light wood plus a dark wood sculpture recolor. Anything wooden has black and white recolors, and I took a cue from the original rug recolors so there are lampshades and seating in blue and green plus black and white.

box - mediafire

Lirenyi mentioned being tired using of the same beddings for Isola so I made some of the scratchiest looking ones ever? The fruit posters require Uni and there's also a non-simlish version of the sloth poster (requires pets), it says "It takes me a really long time to do anything."

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Multi-Room Sets / Happy birthday, Voleste! Mostly Hamsters
« Last post by shastakiss on Today at 01:36:56 pm »

The pineapple poster recolors require Nightlife. Hamster bedding, a hamster shower curtain, hamster paintings on Bella Squared and Suspense plus eight wallpapers with white moulding (§6).

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Walls & Floors / Bake Sale wallpaper
« Last post by shastakiss on Today at 01:27:58 pm »

27 wallpapers with white moulding (§6), the collection folder has a little chef's hat icon

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Object Sets / Pineapple poster recolors
« Last post by shastakiss on Today at 01:18:42 pm »

Artwork by Poppy & Red  :wub

box - mediafire (requires NL)
Walls & Floors / Topiary wallpaper
« Last post by shastakiss on Today at 01:08:27 pm »

with white (§6) or wood (§7) moulding

Multi-Room Sets / Happy birthday, psychosim! Space bunker grunge set
« Last post by shastakiss on Today at 12:51:52 pm »

Happy birthday, psychosim! I made you some TOILET RECOLORS for your special day! Wildly inappropriate and yet I'm a little optimistic that you'll actually like them :D Also some bedding with tontons (?) and other creatures I've forgotten the names of plus some wallpaper which might work in retro sci-fi space colonies or cold-war bunkers or industrialist militaristic dystopias? MsBarrows' chemical toilet mesh and original recolors are included, one recolor uses gazifu's Simlish Lengiza font.

box - mediafire
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