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Fixed Objects - by Other Creators / Re: [Slaved] simslice Strip Poker/Strip Pool
« Last post by shastakiss on January 25, 2020, 04:21:39 PM »
A tumblr anon noticed the cards flashed blue sometimes, so here's an updated version of the strip poker card table.

What's New! / Sweet Roses Coordinating Items
« Last post by amythestfenix on January 20, 2020, 05:56:36 PM »
Decorative Coordinates by Fabric Pattern / Sweet Roses Coordinating Items
« Last post by amythestfenix on January 20, 2020, 05:36:50 PM »
I was asked by anon to upload the coordinating items from this set that I posted pics of on my Tumblr. If you find you need a mesh that's not in my coordinates folder, let me know. Meshes should be HERE if you don't already have them.

In this folder, recolors of:

Gwenke-K8 Cushion Deluxe (4)
HL-sunnisims Double Bedruffle
hokadk47 SIPLiving6 Sofa Cushions
HolySimoly LaBoheme Valance
Jonesi Bed Blanket (5)
WDS TabTop Curtains 2 Subset (2)
Mango Nestor Pillows
Padre333 extrawide drapes
Sherry West Elm Pillows
Bella Mira Birthday Single Bed Deco
VitaSims Costa Tropical Bed Deco
Holy Simoly Simply Elegant Curtains (3)

Objects / Re: MrsReval's JosieSimblr Another Tea Service
« Last post by hokadk47 on January 19, 2020, 02:48:23 PM »
Thank you so much :perfect10 :perfect10
Introductions / Re: My Introduction of Myself
« Last post by amythestfenix on January 18, 2020, 01:50:59 PM »
Welcome to S2A! It's nice to meet you!
Introductions / My Introduction of Myself
« Last post by lordtyger9 on January 18, 2020, 09:40:07 AM »
I love the Sims 2, I play on an iMac and I like it. I have to be careful and picky as to what I install, so lots of times I might like something, but not that much or I am not sure if I will really use it or I have to get rid of some of the re-colours

I have to limit the number of files that I have installed in the game, because if I don't I get errors. I fixed the errors one gets when one plays on a Mac and they exceed the Maximum Open File Limit on a Mac {Unix} Operating System by trying to load too many files in The Sims 2. It is techical, but once it is done it is fine unless one tries to add a lot more additional content. I did the FIX twice now because I added more stuff than the limit, so unless I want to jump through hoops again, I restrain myself from installing too much.

I don't try to download Sims because most of the time Sims are going to require EPs that I don't have and I don't care to try to look for old Sims made before FT came out.

I usually don't download lots. So far I have downloaded two, one is the Apple Store from MTS and the other is the Cactus Cafe from InSim. The Apple Store works fine even though it has a lot of custom content, the other lot crashes if I try to go there in the Build Mode in the Neighborhood. So I don't download lots for the most part.

I love clothes and hair and vehicles and deco objects and other stuff, even if I do have to limit how many of them I have.

I am really not interested in creating for the game or sharing content except that I work with LientebollemeiS2I who does careers and I work on chance cards for her. I like her custom careers and food.  I am not sure what the policy is on links to sites that are not mine own, but I can link to her site if there is interest.

I do appreciate the efforts of the creators of the Sims 2 content that is here and elsewhere. So Thanks for doing what you do!

I do like to share knowledge of how to play and if there are any Mac people that need help I do that, I try to be helpful with everyone else too.

I can be found on a number of Sims 2 sites mostly using lordtyger9, but also I am just lordtyger, same user.
Introductions / Re: Hello Everyone
« Last post by lordtyger9 on January 18, 2020, 09:14:00 AM »
Hello Rob, nice that you are some one new like me.
Introductions / Re: Just plain help!!!!!
« Last post by lordtyger9 on January 18, 2020, 09:07:44 AM »
You could try a different Mod, I use this one "BO - Kids & Pets Unattended", by BoilingOil
Objects / MrsReval's JosieSimblr Another Tea Service
« Last post by amythestfenix on January 16, 2020, 02:58:28 PM »
I've taken MrsReval ‘s conversion of JosieSimblr’s Ellemant tea service that she so generously re-scaled for me and separated into pieces and made it repository. I slaved all the china (not the cloth, basket, or spoon) to the original set as I would always recolor all of those pieces at one time. This keeps me from having six times as many recolor files. Heidi has given me her kind permission to share them.  :love

I did not slave the other items since I would not recolor them every time and so I would only have duplicates in the catalog. File names and categories etc. have been changed as always to match my system. Files marked MAIN and Repo are necessary for the set to work. The original files will work just as well for the others if you don't want to replace them.

My Blue Willow recolors of the set are included. Individual plate, basket, spoon, and cloth not shown in pic.

Download Fixed! Please redownload if you did before 16 Jan 2020- 9:33 PST

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