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Title: Inspired Nursery
Post by: amythestfenix on February 20, 2017, 12:40:13 am
I did this nursery for the "Inspired" contest @ SimPearls. I loved so many pieces on the mood board and I was lucky enough to find some of the same textures when I went looking for them  :woot

I have Ultimate Collection, so that means I have all EP's and SPs. I try to note if a mesh needs an EP to work, but I won't always know as I'm not the mesh creator. I've put my working copies (my working copies of meshes are always altered to support transparency and so the TXMTs will match with all my other recolors) in the mesh file in case the originals become unavailable, but the original meshes will work with all of the recolors EXCEPT for steffor's The Nursery (bunk) bed. I had to fix it to use EA bedding. That mesh is in a separate folder. You can't have hers and mine because they use the same GUIDs. Many of the original meshes are from TSR- now free, but annoying. I've linked to any original mesh I can still find (well, I'm working on it).

I'm looking to get a SimsFileShare account, but I've had MediaFire forever and I have so much stuff there that I'm still using it even though I dislike their ad policy.

You get recolors of:

crib bedding
Birgit43 Small Wicker Nursery Deco Sheep (
BitzyBus Maya Nursery Crib (
CHaze 4t2 Movie Hangout Pouf (
DOT Wicker Table Lamp
Early Pleasantview 4t2 Window Of Legend (
Mira Cube Deco Pillows
Mira Leyris Kitchen Table (master for Leyris Nursery Shelf)
Nengi65 Danish Modern Armchair
Nengi65 rug
Padre333 Harlem Gplan Endtable
Simtomatic Nursery Toy Box
Starrwynnd Zootles Nursery Picture (
Steffor Blossoms Room Fox Doll (
Steffor Grey Readable Book (
Steffor The Nursery Change Table (
Steffor The Nursery Bed-EAbedding
Veranka MH BlocknRoll (activity table, needs FT)

There's also a collection file!


DL (

Title: Re: Inspired Nursery
Post by: LilSister on February 20, 2017, 10:19:13 pm
 :blowkiss Lovin' this nursery :thx
Title: Re: Inspired Nursery
Post by: SandyS on February 21, 2017, 03:51:59 pm
Adorable nursery, thank you!  :love