Author Topic: Tarox Rattanset with my addon's - slaved to Spx Katie Jayne Bed and JonesiBB  (Read 12916 times)

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I have always loved this set, but I had very few recols and I thought it was too complicated to recolor because of the mapping.
So I have remapped it and slaved it to get more options.

The Rattan Gartenset include
  • Sofa
  • Loveseat
  • Armchair
  • Pouf (not shown)
  • Lounger
  • Endtable 1x1
  • Coffetable 2x1
  • Diningtable 2x1 (new mesh by me)
  • Bedframe for doublebed (new mesh by me)(


Also included Blue recol of Jonesi Bed Blanket and White rattan recol of Katie Jayne Bed

Master meshes:
  • Rattan frames are slaved to Simplan-x Katie Jayne bed (PAY, you decide) - get the mesh here
  • Pillows are slaved to Jonesi Bed blanket - get the mesh here

Get my slaved Tarox Gartenset meshes here

You don't need the original Tarox meshes to make the set work and my set has new GUIDs, so it won't overwrite the original ones.

Find more rattan frame recolors of Simplan-x Katie Jayne Bed here
Find the bed used along with the bedframe here

All thanks goes to Tarox for the wonderful Rattan Gartenset. Also thanks to Jonesi for her wonderful Bed Blanket and to
Simplan-x for the Katie Jayne Bed.

Enjoy, Helle
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 :perfect10: :perfect10: :perfect10:
I've always loved this set and I kept using the same old recolors because it was a pain to do. Now I will use it all the time as it will always have lots of choices and two great new pieces :love


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OMG Helle!!!   :perfect10:

I have this set and I need to grab and snag this.  Just in case...   :thumbup1

ty ty ty ty ty
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Yay!  I was hoping someone would do something with this set.  :happy:


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You always have the best ideas Helle  :perfect10: - thanx so much for another MUST have !  :hug:

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 I've always loved this set, thank you so much for doing this great makever,   :blowkiss hugs judith.

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I can't get enough of your stuff. Thank you very much! :likeit

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Glad you all like it. :realbighug:

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May I ask if you are planning to share the slaved version of Pocci's chair? :blush :))

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I am not, since it is not allowed to slave it due to Garden Breezes TOU :no

Kind regards, Helle

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It's a pity! The chair looks awesome with your texture. Thank you for your reply!