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Fluffy Sofa Set: Violetta Textures
« on: March 15, 2010, 12:59:51 am »
*Hokadk47 has slaved the Fluffy Set here, so I recommend getting those meshes to save space in your downloads folder!

I have a new living room featuring my favorite Fluffy Set in a lovely violet! Paintings are by the talented Eric Isenburger and FangYu Meng on the EA Oil FantasyScape mesh. Fireplace also includes a chimney recolor in Fay's Fieldstone. There are two recolors of Inge's great Autodrapes, striped and violet solid for both short and tall windows (mesh here, get the ijAutoDrapesDMMCTaller and Shorter meshes). Roses are from the Arcan Dining set by Caravan Sims (mesh not included, get it here). Tables by Maxis not included.

Meshes included are by Orange Mittens @ Avalon (chair, loveseat, book&mug), Kate @ Parsimonious(pillow and floor plant), Yggdrasil @ Spiffy Sims (sofa, ivy), Sandy @ Around the Sims (teapot), Tarox (table lamp), and CTNutmegger @ N99 (floor and sofa pillows).  Many thanks to you all!

*Bookcase now added, it really was mine after all, not a Maxis color... The white wall is Maxis' "The 70's Return" White Coffered Wood Paneling. 

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