Author Topic: 3 double beds, 3 single beds and 1 todler bed without frames (upd. 2019-10-19)  (Read 12779 times)

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These beds can be used as-is or in combination with some of my loose bedframes. The idea is to save space by only saving the bed part one time.

The set include

  • Bed 1 with valence slaved to Maxis bedding (single and double)
  • Bed 2 with valence slaved to Jonesi Bed Blanket (single and double)
  • Bed 3 with double lace valence (single, double and todler) (can be recolored, double bed is MASTER)
  • Bed 3 recol - invisible valence
  • 2 separate lace valences to use with other double beds (slaved to Bed with double lace valence, above)

You will need Jonesi Bed blanket to get Bed 2 to work - get the mesh GM

Get my double beds without frames DL
- and the single bed versions DL
- and the todler bed version DL

Enjoy, Helle
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Re: 3 beds without frames
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 :perfect10: :perfect10: Definitely a great idea to have more bedskirt options!


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Re: 3 beds without frames
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Cool job with these  :))