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[CEP] Files
« on: October 08, 2011, 07:47:12 PM »
Please install the CEP by Numenor and the Extras first.

Two files are included for each CEP-Extra.  The one with pfiles or program files appended to the name goes in Program Files and the other goes to Documents.

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\zCEP-EXTRA

Program Files
Disks: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Catalog\zCEP-EXTRA
UC: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Double Deluxe\Base\TSData\Res\Catalog\zzCEP-EXTRA
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CEP-Extras List
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2020, 02:31:56 PM »
CEP-Extras that either add second subsets or slave pieces to another
This list is CEPs that are game items slaved to game items.  I don't include any fan made cc to even be in the realm of a CEP, but rather just cc that may be repositoried.

motherlode tons of objects by hafiseazale

losing my mind paintings by hafiseazale

paintings by shastakiss

fireplaces by hugelunatic

stairs by hugelunatic

holiday windows & doors by shastakiss

bg alarm clock by nixnivis
bg patio plastics chair by hafiseazale or by gabilie123
bg quaint ceiling lamp by dharden
bg hydroponic plant by hugelunatic
bg loft window by hugelunatic
bg sofa's and chairs by nixnivisp
bg adirondack chair by hugelunatic
bg high chair by shastakiss
bg changing table by hugelunatic
bg wedding arch by shastakiss
bg Studio Bakonmi(Loft) by revolvertrooper
bg freezer cases by shastakiss
bg plant ferns by shastakiss or hafiseazale
bg colonial & nouveau bookcases by shastakiss/revolvertrooper
bg serenity chair by hafiseazales
bg diamond back chair by hafiseazale
bg patio plastics dining chair by hafiseazale
bg single cheap bed by hafiseazale
bg clothing racks by klaartje
bg clothing booth by hugelunatic
bg outdoor chair/table by gabilei123
bg art nouveau counter by gabilei123
bg longbranch side gate by simfused
bg park bench by d4re
bg quaint armoire by hugelunatic
bg restroom doors by sam&skye
bg dollhouse by gdayers
bg numica table by gabilie123
bg oaktowne door by gabilie123
bg fruit bowl by hugelunatic
bg value door by hugelunatic
bg restroom doors by Sam & Skye
bg old tyme recliner by klaartje
bg loft gate by hugelunatic
bg beveled glass door by hugelunatic
bg art nouveau table lamp by hugelunatic
bg biblofile bookcase by gabilie123 *frame and backing, not books

uni colonial columns by shastakiss
uni medieval doors by shastakiss
uni espresso machine by hugelunatic
uni dahlen bookcase by dharden
uni creeping ivy by hugelunatic
uni portal of peace byhugelunatic

cel bowdacious dining chair by hafiseazale
ffs oval mirror by gabilei123

tss edukate bookshelf by d4re
tss elite bookshelf by hugelunatice
tss gamer rocker by gdayers

nl qube table by hugelunatic
nl art nouvea and neontrix bars by slig
nl diner table and chairs by shastakiss and hugelunatic *recommended for small file size
nl diner tables and chairs bygabilie123*not recommended due to way subsets are set up and large file sizes
nl date roses by hugelunatic
nl date roses by hugelunatic
nl bowling rack by shastakiss
nl gone legit door by shastakiss and texture fix by hugelunatic
nl nightclub island & bar by shastakiss
nl molded sectional by hugelunatic

ofb quaint armoire by gabilie123
ofb concrete column by shastakiss
ofb concrete column by shastakiss
ofb craftable flowers by shastakiss
ofb display shelves by shastakiss
ofb mission collection by shastakiss
ofb retail signs by hugelunatic
ofb retail signs 2 by hugelunatic
ofb euro doors & windows by hugelunatic & revolvertrooper

ssn bistro set by shastakiss

bv treasure chest by hugelunatic
bv pyramaid steps by hugelunatic
bv backyard pyramid by hugelunatic
bv potted bamboo by shastakiss
bv massage table by hugelunatic

pets atmomic door by hugelunatic
pets atomic windows by hugelunatic
pets pet cartoon painting by gabilie123
pets womrat cage by hugelunatic
pets wicker beds by hafiseazale
pets atomic seating by shastakiss

ikea heart pillow by shastakiss
ikea poang chair by hafiseazale or by klaartje
ikea klippan and ektorp set by hugelunatic
ikea expedit tv by hugelunatic
ikea paintings by hugelunatic

hm clothing racks by shastakiss
kb romantic plumbing by hugelunatic

ft molecule sculpture by hugelunatic
ft bohomeian chair by hafiseazale
ft phones by shastakiss
ft sewing machine by shastakiss
ft metro barstool by hafiseazale
ft child classic painting by hugelunatic
ft sleigh crib by klaartje
ft canopy crib by klaartje
ft changing table by klaartje
ft activity table by hugelunatic
ft train table by hugelunatic
ft dance mat by hugelunatic

al romantic bed by hugelunatic
al secret bookcase by shastakiss/revolvertrooper
al bookends by shastakiss
al socialite column by shastakiss
al jock beam by shastakiss
al bohemian pottery by shastakiss
al witches thrones by hugelunatic
al alien sculpture by hugelunatic
al bohemian dresser by hugelunatic
al bohemian window by hugelunatic
al werkntham door by danny_power *fix conflicts with fix by hugelunatic
al gear city windows by revolvertrooper
al jock recliner by Diamond Eyes Universe

mg solar panels by hugelunatic
mg moroccan door & arch by hugelunatic

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