Author Topic: SDA Louisiana kitchen add on - slaved Epos oven and LA fridge builtin cabinets  (Read 33880 times)

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If you love Simcredibles Epos built in oven, but want it as part of your Louisiana kitchen - or if you think that the
Louisiana fridge looks a little lonesome between all those awesome cabinets, maybe this new mesh set is what you have been
looking for ...

Here is what you get:
  • Epos builtin cabinet - plain doors, 4 slots
  • Epos builtin cabinet - glass doors, 7 slots
  • Epos builtin cabinet - lattice doors, 7 slots
  • Epos builtin cabinet - Newport style glass doors, 7 slots

  • 3 different fake drawers for Epos builtin cabinet

  • Transparent recol for Epos builtin oven - see picture below

  • Deep on-top cabinet for Louisiana fridge - plain doors, 3 slots
  • Deep on-top cabinet for Louisiana fridge - glass doors, 6 slots
  • Deep on-top cabinet for Louisiana fridge - lattice doors, 6 slots
  • Deep on-top cabinet for Louisiana fridge - Newport style glass doors, 6 slots

  • All meshes are slaved to SDA Louisiana armoire and will pick recols from there
  • Use cheat code: "moveObjects on" to place cabinet and fake drawers
  • The oven is fully functional

In game screen shot

Simcredible's Epos oven and my transparent recol

The new cabinet meshes and fake drawers - not all shown

SDA Louisiana Epos oven and LA fridge cabinets DL

SDA Louisiana meshes GM

Simcredibles Epos oven GM (pay) or GM (booty, you decide)

All new meshes are created by me and fits with my other Louisiana stuff.
Thanks to Simcredible for a wonderful Oven mesh.

Enjoy, Helle
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Offline Dolodott

This looks really nice!!!  Looking forward to incorporating it into the game.

:thx :thx :thx

Offline callmewhatever

just what I was looking for, thank you very much
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thank you I love all of SDA objects  :likeit

Offline hokadk47

you're welcome :love

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You are just awesome!!  Thank you for yet another great set.....

Offline hokadk47

I am so glad you all like it :love

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Thank you Hokadk47.  These are really amazing!!  I love them in game but in the cabinets with windows, the windows are blue.  I've downloaded the meshes as instructed and all the other cabinets show up fine.  Any suggestions?  I hate to be a bother. I have so many of your awesome cc/recolors.   Again thank you for sharing :)

Offline hokadk47

I am sorry, I forgot to point that out.

You need the upper cabinet01 with glass doors in your game. Find it here.

Hopefully that Works, if not please mail me and I will help you to fix it.


Offline Carmellia1

Thank you sooo much!  I downloaded and I'm off to see what else I can build.  Your'e awesome!!  :) :thx

Offline Carmellia1

Yup that did it.  I love it in game!  Thanks again

Offline amythestfenix

 :thx Absolutely wonderful! I didn't know I wanted built in ovens and fridges until you made this set, but now I can't wait to use it  :love

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 :likeit What can I say that has not already been said?  :thx  :flowers  :blowkiss

Offline hokadk47

I am glad you all like it :love


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