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CTNutmegger bedding match curtains

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My tragic computer crash was unredeemable, and I lost all my old favorite CC! One (or rather two) things I really miss are the Maxis bedding-match curtains by CTNutmegger, Double and Single, once posted on N99. But they're not there anymore, sigh.

Surely someone here (Lunie or Kate?) has them stashed in a Downloads folder somewhere! I know I've seen them in pics posted over the years. I don't know how to contact CTNutmegger, or I'd ask directly.

Thank you in advance if my wish for these curtains can come true!

--Betsy  :thx

I think this is the one:

Oh, Betsy! I'm so sorry to hear about your computer crash  :hug It's such a terrible thing to happen!

Mine went down a couple of months ago and took out a huge amount of my simming content (the C drive went bad and my 2 terabyte storage drive had many bad sectors and recovery was difficult so I had to save up some money to get new drives. Lots of CC and textures were backed up in the Cloud, but not in an organized and easy-to-replace way. So most is not permanently lost- I just can't find it  :blush

I'm trying to be better organized as I put things on the new drives. I lost a lot of things I'd just created because they were only in my current game files, but I still have the textures so I'm just re-creating it as I go along. Finally, there's the whole re-installing programs thing! Arggh!

I'm glad Lunie found the curtains for you, and I'll be happy to look for anything else you need- I'm probably searching for it anyway!


The very ones, Lunie! Thank you very much! Finding so much of your own stuff on MTS has also been greatly rewarding. Sims 2 forever!

And Kate, thank you for offering to help me find other things -- especially since you're having to sort through literally thousands of files to find your own!
I'm now reduced to playing the newer Aspyr version on my MacPro laptop, which doesn't have the EPs after Seasons, so finding older CC is now a big challenge.

It seems that there is a resurgence of Sims 2 players these days, and that's really heartening. I never gave it up. :thumbup:

I lost a lot of my old Sims 2 CC also (everything halfway through my Nouk file and everything after that, alphabetically).  It's been devastating in that first-world-problem sort of way.


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