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Fairywitch Jennifer Bedroom - Solved

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I'm just getting into the Sims 2 again, and I've noticed some files missing that I'd really like to have.  I've found everything in this set except the mirror and daybed.  Does anyone have those two items to share?  :beg

I've got the set with the daybed, but I don't see a mirror.  I wonder if that was from another set?  The Nordic bedroom mirror looks similiar.  Do I post the stuff I have here somewhere?  Or you can go to, where we've uploaded what we have.  Ginnie

And the mirror is a whire recolor in the Nordic bedroom set!  Ginnie

Awesome!  Thank you!  :blowkiss

Let me know if you're going over to the group to get the items or if you want me to post them here. 


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