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Wonderland Collaboration with delonariel
« on: March 22, 2018, 11:20:35 AM »
When delonariel told me they were converting some objects from the s3store's Through the Spyglass sets and Dr. Pepper promotions, I just kind of invited myself over. We had so much fun and really did agree on everything and I will love them forever!
So get over to their lj for all the goodies!

Besides the usual wallpapers and shower curtains I always make, I actually did my first clothing recolor.

chess painting trio and add-ons (swatch)

nl pineapple posters - bg shower curtain shown with CuriousB's default replacement

nl grilled cheese posters - bg crib bedding and baby table

nl grilled cheese posters - art by Brigid Ashwood

bg Bella Squared paintings - bedding (swatch)
TNW's endtables (meshes included - 3 bases, 6 tops swatch)

bv travel poster - art by Emily Winfield Martin

§6 wallpaper - build / buy mode collection file

download everything box - mediafire
download cf Alice dress box - mediafire (requires CelebrationStuff)
download buy box - mediafire
download Alice wallpaper box - mediafire

thanks, credits, links:
  delonariel! Thank you so much for letting me work on this with you ♥
  amovitamsim's cute conversions are pictured: potion & rabbit deco, rabbit toothbrush holder
  Trapping converted the af Alice dress for our trade, which I love! I used its apron on the cf dress
  CuriousB's fancy frame add-ons! Frame recolors are in my upload. The Flat Earth also has base-game versions of the nl meshes
  HugeLunatic has a base-game version of the bv travel poster
  The Ninth Wave Sims (I couldn't find thier policy so I hope including their meshes is okay)
  the artists and designers whose images and patterns were used

Edit 2015-01
I recolored Sofra's Wonderland arch conversion here

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Re: Wonderland Collaboration with delonariel
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2018, 01:27:17 AM »
Just found out tethys_Wonderland_Door (the one without glass) conflicted with the bg 2-tile Colonial door  :blush

Here's just the fixed mesh and its recolors