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Loverat Art Deco
« on: August 06, 2019, 09:04:04 PM »
This is a quick post for all the china recolors I've made in response to a request by Elawann in The Wishing Tree @ GoS. She's done awesome pics showing them in action that you can see at the link! Meshes for these are included in the folder as a convenience but some are my working copies so they may have been renamed/modified to suit me. Recolors should work fine with the original meshes if you have them.

These items are all made to match Loverat's awesome Art Deco recolor set @ MTS. If you have trouble finding/getting the meshes for Loverat's set, I have them here.

Default Dishes:
I've done these as default dishes twice- once with Graverobber's all-in-one default file and once with his/her mix-and-match set. You can only chose one. The all-in-one set has dirty states and the mix one doesn't, but the mix one lets you have the full design on the dinner plates and a different design on the serving plate. The all-in one uses the dinner plate texture for the bowls, serving bowls, and coffee cup, so it needs a modified design.

I have a default for the maxis coffee cup so it has its own texture and a different default that uses Graverobber's coffee mug mesh. Pick one coffee mug default.

I've also done an espresso cup default using AngelGold's original and her water glass default is in the file if you'd like to use it. There's a Chips and Cheese Serving Platter default as well using the great AlmightyHat's default file.

Cashcraft Dining Deco:
Cashcraft Heritage Placesetting
Cashcraft Vanity Fair Teacup (recolors Dicreasy's wonderful set as well)
Cashcraft Vic Maplerose Chafing Dish

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