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Open a clothing recolour with SimPE....and click on the Property Set (GZPS)....In the plug-in view you should see a list (normally at the bottom of the SimPE window)....

shoe (dtUIteger) - Changes shoe noises

0x00: None - Only use if the outfit is a top.
0x01: Barefoot
0x02: Heavy Boot
0x03: Heeled
0x04: Normal shoe
0x05: Sandal (flip-flop)
0x07: Armored


gender (dtUIteger) - Changes gender (ordinarily you don't need to mess with this)

0x00000001: Female
0x00000002: Male
0x00000003: Both (normally used for toddlers & children)


age (dtUIteger) - Changes the age range

0x00000001: Toddler
0x00000002: Child
0x00000004: Teen
0x00000040: Young Adult
0x00000008: Adult
0x00000010: Elder
0x00000048: Young Adult/Adult
0x00000058: Elder/Young Adult/Adult


Category (dtUIteger) - Changes the category (sometimes needed if its for toddlers/children because bodyshop fails)

0x00000007: Everyday
0x00000020: Formal
0x00000008: Swimwear
0x00001000: Outerwear
0x00000010: Sleepwear
0x00000040: Underwear
0x00000200: Athletic

There are a gazillion extras for this....for mixed categories.....but they're easy to figure Formal/Everyday 0x00000027....the only exception to this is if you want to categorise something with Swimwear...but who'd need to ever do that manually??....


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Re: SimPE - Random clothing stuff (shoe noises/ages/gender/categories)
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Thanks yagami - that'll stop me asking you every 5 mins what I need to change lol

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Re: SimPE - Random clothing stuff (shoe noises/ages/gender/categories)
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Is there one of these that specifies an EP?  I've got the K&B and Teen bodyshop items in a package but they don't show in the catalog.  They pop up as random when testingcheats are enabled though.


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Re: SimPE - Random clothing stuff (shoe noises/ages/gender/categories)
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Clothing/hair doesn't need an EP flag....its only objects that are effected by EP/SP

If you want to know though....

In the property set....

version(dtUInteger) & product(dtUInteger)

BaseGame: version-1 product-1
Holiday2005: version-2 product-1
University: version-2 product-2
NightLife: version-2 product-3
Holiday2006: version-3 product-1
OpenForBusiness: version-3 product-4
FamilyFunStuff: version-3 product-5
GlamourLifeStuff: version-3 product-6
Pets: version-4 product-7
Seasons: version-6 product-8
CelebrationsStuff: version-3 product-9
H&MFashionStuff: version-3 product-A
BonVoyage: version-6 product-B
TeenStyleStuff: version-4 product-C
StoreEdition: version-6 product-D
KitchenBath: version-4 product-F
FreeTime: version-6 product-E
IkeaStuff: version-4 product-F
ApartmentLife: version-6 product-11

and I don't know the one for mansion & garden.....sorry
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