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For many years it has bothered me that my bathroom deco stuff was a little messy.
I had good basic items like SDA Livia set but I could never find what I searched
and I had to do a lot of basic recols every time I wanted a new color scheme, so the number of files just grew and grew.
Every time I needed more space on my harddisk, the bathroom stuff was the first thing to go since it didn't really work for me anyway.

To fix this I have now collected all bathroom deco stuff in Plumbing misc. folder
and made one of the Livia towels primary recol source for all my towels to limit the number of files and get rid of trivial recoloring work
 - most of the towels already used same PNG format.
I have also created some new stuff to get a more complete look.
And finally I have created a few new recols to match the color schemes I often use these days.

I am very happy with the result and I think you will like it too.
(sorry for the crappy photos, the room is small)

General INFO
- "hkaw-SDA_SDB-Livia_ServiettesPots-MASTER" is now MASTER for all towels, bathrobe etc.
- Atomicage table is the MASTER for all metal parts (rods, hangers, shelves etc.)
- Hanging meshes are now height shiftable (if you have SP Apartment Life)
- All items are now quarter-tile enabled (if you have SP Mansion and Garden)
- All items are now located in folder: Plumbing Misc.
- All existing recols for SDA Livia ServiettesPots are still working and will now be recoloring the whole set

Changes to already uploaded SDA Livia towels (uploaded by me in 2009)
- I have reworked the towels and the bathrobe, so they now all are repoed to ServiettePots and Atomicage table
- Towels are now stackable (slot on the top)
- Bathrobe has been remapped, so the hanger now has its own subset (new GUID)
Bathrobe will not overwrite the old mesh, since it has been remapped and I know there is a lot of existing recols out there,
You can have both in your game if you want to.

Extra addons (new upload)
- Repoed versions of Jopes bath2 towel and bath3 walltowel (new GUIDs)
- Repoed versions of MysticRain towels 1-15 (new GUIDs) (not all are shown)
- Repoed versions of maxis K&B Towel Caddy og Towel Hanger (new GUID, Kitchen&Bath not required)
- Repoed version of maxis metalring towel (new GUID)
- Repoed towel rolls (new)
- Repoed Livia wash cloths (new, stackable)
- Repoed version of SPX bathtub towel (new GUID)
- Repoed version of Sanita towelbale (new GUID)
- Repoed version of CDF Indoor Soft Slippers (new GUID)
- Repoed version of Windkeepers Toilet paper (new GUID)
- Repoed version of Blakes Towel warmer (new GUID)
- Repoed version of Wallsims Neptune towelsoap (new GUID)

Addons will not overwrite the original meshes and not use your existing recols from these.
So you can keep both in your game, if you have recols you want to still use.

Brand new repoed hanging stuff matching maxis K&B Towel hanger created by me (new upload)
- 2 hanging towels
- Hanging towel
- Towel caddy
- Shower rack
- Wall shelf (5 slots)
- Toilet paper holder

Picture only shows part of the recols included - I have just "dumped" the whole folder with all my recols (mix of new and old)

Get all items and recols DL

NB NB NB "hkaw-SDA_SDB-Livia_ServiettesPots-MASTER" and maxis atomicage table MUST be in your game to make my stuff work.
Everything else can be picked and chosen as you like.

If you need more recols I can highly recommend Amythestfenix 100 colors.
You will only need the file called "".


Thank you to SDA, Jope, MysticRain, Wallsims, Windkeeper and all the other creators who have contributed with this cute bathroom stuff.
Unfortunately a large part of them are not active anymore.

I hope you will like these items as much as I do.

Enjoy, Helle

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Re: Basic Bathroom stuff - reworked, repoed, new addons and recols
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2023, 05:52:40 PM »
What a great idea! I have the same problems with bath deco and I'm sure this will really help!  I'm so glad you did all this work  :hug :perfect10
And I think your photos are lovely!
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Re: Basic Bathroom stuff - reworked, repoed, new addons and recols
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2023, 06:31:06 PM »
Thank you so much :love
I should have done it many years ago - after I have cleaned this up I finally enjoy decorating bathrooms,

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Re: Basic Bathroom stuff - reworked, repoed, new addons and recols
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2023, 08:02:55 PM »
Thank you so much. I'm always looking for towels, and I love the textures. :thx

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Re: Basic Bathroom stuff - reworked, repoed, new addons and recols
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2023, 08:06:01 PM »
You are welcome :love


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