Author Topic: Enabling quarterTilePlacement in M&G  (Read 6304 times)

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Enabling quarterTilePlacement in M&G
« on: April 12, 2009, 04:32:10 PM »
Some notes on allowing quarterTilePlacement on custom objects in M&G.

  • If I replace the OBJD in an object that does not work with one that does work, this will enable the previously unabled one to work.
  • Also, if I re-clone an object with M&G installed and replace the object not working with this cheat with the newly cloned one, it then works.
  • M&G is not required installed for cc objects to have this ability.  See Reyn's bed pillows here which work with this cheat.  Since this was posted originally of April 2007, before M&G was released, having M&G installed when cloning is not a requirement. *Note*: This object uses Rug Globals and has no BHAV or BCON.  It doesn't say, but I suspect it was cloned from Echo's rug, just because so much is.  I can't discern based on the package.
  • Jonesi bed blanket was cloned from the fruit bowl and works with this cheat, and has Painting Globals