Author Topic: HelgaSims Victoria Living TV- Recolorable (and the rest of the set, too)  (Read 16002 times)

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RgdyAnne has made this Helga TV recolorable and given permission for me to share it with everyone  :love Helga has been gone from the community a long time ago, and if she returns, I'm sure she will be happy that people loved her things enough to want to use and recolor them. So all credit for the mesh goes to Helga and credit for making it recolorable goes to Anne!

I'm also including the rest of the set here for completeness, so you don't have to go elsewhere for it.
I changed the file name for the TV to show that it's the recolorable version, so it will not overwrite the original file!

My recolors of the TV and bookcases can be found HERE.

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Beautiful, beautiful.   Thank you so much for sharing this terrific recolour of this wonderful set. :perfect10: :perfect10: